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Games Amusement Actie Gezin
Developer: SG GAME
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To make a big party at the Easter Day,chickens who lived in that village maked a lot of Easter eggs.But just at the day before Easter,all the eggs were stolend.This time the mission once again falled on Jack who brought back all the eggs from the bad man last time.So will Jack bring back all the eggs this time?Time is running out,good luck,Jack!

Methods of operation:
Use the accelerometer to control Jack. He cannot jump and fly because he is too fat. You can only make him be left or be right to collect eggs when he is dropping. Be careful not make him drop to the abyss. By the way, when Jack fall into the haystack, you should swing the accelerometer up and down to get out of it.

Pass condition:
(^_^) Collect enough eggs in Limited time.

Fail condition:
(T_T) Drop to the abyss.
(~o~) Lost all eggs.
(>_<) Time out.
PS: After you clear all stages, you can open “free mode” to collect eggs without time limited. Try it! See how many eggs you can get!